Next Steps

June 12th at 9 AM NCSD Meeting!

(148 South Wilson Street in Nipomo)

Please attend this meeting as there will be information about the annexation and a possible vote regarding the Dana Reserve inclusion into the NCSD area boundary. This annexation is necessary because without it, the NCSD has no legal right to supply water from the imported Santa Maria water outside of its service area, which the Dana Reserve currently is. It is important that we show up in force and let them know we are still here!

Next NCSD meetings are: June 12, at 9 am.

*** The NCSD will also hold an important meeting June 26 at 9 am***  when a vote will be made by the board to annex Dana Reserve into our district.

All these meetings will be held at 148 S. Wilson Street in Nipomo.

Our website has detailed information on water, and concludes: “even though water for the project would be supplied by NCSD using imported water, there are several apparent county policy inconsistencies, and importantly, that the project does not contribute to recovery of local water tables before providing service to more people, which was to only be conducted under health and safety considerations (per general plan policy WR 1.9).”

and “The State Water Project is only supplying the City of Santa Maria at 5% of its requested allocation (down from 15%). The Supplemental Water Project (City of Santa Maria water supplied to NCSD) is clearly being pumped from the Santa Maria aquifer to Nipomo to minimize pumping from the over drafted Nipomo Mesa aquifer. If the drought continues indefinitely, the Santa Maria basin will also be in an overdraft condition and threaten Nipomo’s water supply. This is a serious situation that needs to be considered in all future large scale construction projects that need hookup to NCSD.”

Please see this link for the article on our website.

Despite the lack of adequate public safety, both law enforcement and fire; despite the data offered by the biologists about existing, at-risk ecosystems of the oak forest; despite the statement by the Chair of the yak tityu tityu yak tihini (ytt) Northern Chumash Tribe of SLO County, Mona Olivas Tucker, that the oak forest on that parcel of land is part of their cultural heritage, a heritage that dates back thousands of years; despite the financial shortfall for local schools; the dubious water supply claims; despite the pleas by local high school students to stop destroying their futures by clear-cutting and paving over valuable natural resources that keep our planet healthy and livable for them and future generations; and despite an offering of a community generated development map that provides housing and saves the oak forest and the biodiversity and ecosystems that make this area special, three members of the Board of Supervisors voted to approve the project. Jimmy Paulding, whose district this development is in, voted against it and spelled out the reasons very comprehensively and completely. You can read that here.

All three supervisors who voted for this ill-conceived and destructive development received campaign contributions from Nick Tompkins/NKT Development LC and Shea Homes LP who already owns 35% of the Dana Reserve housing development.

Tell your Supervisors how you feel NOW ! (click e-mail link to send an e-mail)

1055 Monterey St, San Luis Obispo, CA 93408
Phone: (805)-781-5450


Supervisor Jimmy Paulding:
1055 Monterey St. Suite D430
San Luis Obispo, CA 93408


Click here for guidance and tips on effective comments and letters.

Planning Commissioners and the members of the Board of Supervisors are charged with ensuring that issues of environmental protection, public safety and health, infrastructure and housing issues conform to standards that are in place for the well-being of its residents.

The Board of Supervisors must make some smart decisions about the affordable housing crisis. According to the SLO Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) the county is mandated by state law to build 3256 more housing units by 2028. It has already exceeded its goal for above moderate income homes by over 1500 units. This DOES NOT help with the legitimate housing crisis.


May 30, 2024 – NAC and CNPS file lawsuit against county over Dana Reserve Approval

April 24th, 2024 – The San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors Voted 3-2 to approve the project. Votes were as follows:

John Peschong – District 1 (Yes)

Bruce Gibson – District 2 (No)

Dawn Ortiz-Legg – District 3 (Yes)

Jimmy Paulding – District 4 (No) – The project is located in this district.

Debbie Arnold – District 5 (Yes)

A Special Meeting of the SCAC was held of February 12th, 6:30-8:30PM at the Nipomo High School Olympic Hall. SCAC, Nipomo Action Committee and the Nipomo Oak Alliance presented the Community Alternative Plan to the Dana Reserve proposed project. The SCAC decided and voted to recommend the alternative plan to the Board of Supervisors. SCAC Letter to Board of Supervisors Regarding the Community Alternative plan to the DR Development.

Over 120 people attended the South County Advisory Council meeting on Feb 12.  Supervisors Jimmy Paulding and Dawn Ortiz Legg were also in attendance.  Three speakers from the Nipomo Oak Alliance spoke about the unique environmental and cultural heritage the land and the oak forest hold for this region. 

Mona Tucker, the Tribal Chair of the yak titʸu titʸu yak tiłhini, Northern Chumash; (see a clip by clicking here)

Dr. Bill Waycott, one of the foremost experts on the ecological diversity of Nipomo’s habitat;

And Leila Zavala, a Senior at Central Coast New Tech, a youth leader who is passionate about environmental science, driven by her Northern Chumash Heritage.

An overview of the community generated map was presented by Alison Martinez, Director of the NAC. You can see a concise comparison of the community generated map with the NKT mega-development by clicking here.

At the end of the presentations there were questions and responses and then the SCAC voted unanimously to recommend the community generated map to the board of supervisors in place of the NKT plan.

NAC Public Meeting: November 17th, 2023 at 5PM at the Black Lake Community Room 498 Colonial Pl, Nipomo.

October 24th SLO Planning Commission voted (4-1) to recommend Dana Reserve Project for Board of Supervisors approval.

September 28 County Planning Commission Study Session of the Dana Reserve

Thanks to all who turned out for the September 28 Study Session and spoke and wrote letters that are now on record as in put from the community. 

Some of the changes from the Draft Environmental Report (DEIR) and the Final EIR were explained and the county staff and Nick Tompkins, the developer took a lot of time describing those changes.  Public comments were heard, both for and against and because of time constraints, the last half of public comment was limited to one minute per person. 

Here’s the link to the page where one can download the video of the September 38 Study Session:

Planning Commission Meetings – County of San Luis Obispo (,-Hearings,-Agendas,-and-Minutes/Planning-Commission-Meetings.aspx

August 30 Planning Commission Meeting:
Thanks to all of you who changed your schedules or took the day off from work and showed up at the SLO planning commission hearing and of course those who continue to write letters to the Planning commission and Board of Supervisors. You are truly making a difference for Nipomo and the Central Coast. We had over 43 supporters who showed opposing the project and one who spoke in favor of the project. The commissioners had lots of discussion about going ahead with the hearing as
planned or voting to continue it, so everyone has more time to look and make sense of the Final EIR which was only released 3 weeks prior to this meeting.
Finally, the commissioners decided to grant our request for a continuance and add a study session prior to the hearing!
Study Session is scheduled for September 28 at 9a.m.

August 21 South County Advisory Council Special Meeting:

40 Concerned citizens and neighbors spoke up and made a powerful case against the Dana Reserve Project. They spoke for the possibility of a sustainable plan that provides affordable housing, critical infrastructure, and environmental protection and preservation!