Upcoming Meetings


VONS SATURDAY ‘MEET UP’ Saturday September 23, 10am -3pm Wear your green shirt!

With the Study Session less than two weeks away, and the Planning session scheduled to review and vote on the Dana Reserve in late October, what we do now and the actions we take ( or don’t take) may very well determine the Future of Nipomo and that of the Central Coast. No kidding, that’s the critical point at which we find ourselves…


NAC Volunteers showed up to engage our community at the Vons parking lot (near Carl’s Jr) last Saturday and will be there tomorrow as well! ! A big THANKS to NAC volunteers – Stan Williams, Dena Foose, Dean Knoll, John Joyce, Shelly Cole and Susan Duran- for their time and energy engaging and educating people about the Dana Reserve and what they can do to Stop-Change it! – Well Done, Go GREEN TEAM!

What we are finding when we speak with people is that 95% OPPOSE the Project and, in general, the idea of a large development plan without proper infrastructure. Many of the people we spoke with don’t know the massive scale of the DRP and its negative impacts or they think “It’s a done deal”…”What difference do I make, I’m just one person!”

I’m so proud to report that we made a difference! Our volunteers listened, explained the project and encouraged people to see that, “No, it’s not a done deal and, yes, your voice counts!” We empowered people by showing how to take action, act and have a say in the matter of our community and future!


Will our future be founded and built on short term vision, massive (unaffordable) housing projects, lack of proper infrastructure and greed? Or, will we engage a sufficient number of friends and neighbors to heed the call to action and demand a sensible, sustainable, environmentally responsible development that truly benefits our community?

VONS SATURDAY ‘MEET UPS’ Saturday September 23, 10am -3pm Wear your green shirt!

  • From now through the end of October NAC will continue to be a presence at VONS!
  • Come and stay for as long as it works for you!
  • Enjoy the comraderey, feeling of community and amazing conversations that matter!

Plan to Attend these Critical Meetings:

Sept 28th at 9 am – SLO Planning Commission Study Session – The county and the developer will do their presentations. The Planning commissioners will ask questions and the public will be able to have 3 minutes to make their public comment about the project. This is an educational opportunity to learn more from the CEQA (Environmental agency) representative and hear more on these issues.
**We will need everyone to show up again for this.

Oct 23 and 24 at 9am – SLO Planning Commission Hearing and vote – The county may do a presentation again and we will have 3 minutes to comment on the project at this hearing. If public
comments go to the following day. comments will continue, if not the public comment will close on Oct 23. The planning commissioner will then vote to recommend or not this project for approval to the
Board of Supervisors. **Again, we need everyone for Oct 23 to speak and maybe Oct 24. At the end of public comment, whether that happens on Oct 23 or 24th there will be a vote in the public hearing.

Public Statements will be heard!

Write your letters to the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors NOW !