Public Facilities and Services

Public Facilities:

  • Although the development of a park in the middle of the development seems like an amenity, County Parks comments in the EIR state that “the proposed park site is too small and encumbered with drainage features that should not count toward acres used for park land”. It is likely that maintenance of this park and other amenities within the project will be covered by HOA fees, which will impact affordability.
  • The EIR states that Nipomo High School is already at capacity (145%) and buildout of the Specific Plan Area would further contribute to this exceedance. Dorothea Lange Elementary (where students are mapped to go from this development) is at 94% capacity. Phase 2 of the development is expected to fill this school prior to full buildout. The EIR states that students should be sent to Nipomo Elementary, which is on the other side of the freeway, something traffic estimates likely did not factor in.  The EIR consultant stated during the July 14th call that Lucia Mar Unified School District (LMUSD) had concerns about this plan, but that fees mitigated this concern under CEQA.
  • Bussing students to different areas will increase GHG output of the project and put students on overcrowded (if they are accepted into the program before it is full) and early bus pick up routes (over an hour bus ride).  The LMUSD has a shortage of bus drivers and on several days over the last month bus service has been cancelled to Nipomo schools due to a lack of drivers.
  • Although Fire Station 20 is closest to the project, due to traffic and other typical road conditions along West Tefft Street and North Frontage Road, there is an increased travel time to the project site. Station 20 is one of the busiest fire stations in the county and serves a large and varied response area. Mitigation for response times includes the development of a new CALFIRE fire station.
  • The Dana Reserve is donating land for a Fire Station, but no fire station is likely to be built by the county.  The county already has 2 parcels of land donated for previous projects that are being sold off instead of building a fire station. 
  • In order to reduce response times and meet the goal service ratio of one deputy to 1,000 people, the South Station would require additional deputies, vehicles, and other equipment. The County’s Capital Improvement Plan includes the construction of a new Sheriff’s Patrol Station in Nipomo along Tefft Street, which is anticipated to be completed in 2025 or 2026; however, exact timing of construction may vary (County of San Luis Obispo 2022). 
  • New police building addition to the existing police station in Old Town has been approved there will be little or no increase in staffing due to a lack of suitable candidates. 
  • The developer plan includes a satellite campus for Cuesta College, however, the land is being donated, not built out with the project. Additionally, a bond measure would have to go before voters before a campus could be built.

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Link to Recreation EIR Section: